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Do I need the UPC from the box for my warranty?


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Hey RamGuy,


I have searched the threads looking for the answer and I know there are other posts related to this but I cannot seem to find a UPC label on my HX620W box to send in for the rebate. The only thing that resembles a UPC is at the bottom of the box not the side and it is a sticker that says:




Assy in China



I bought this psu from NCIX.com. Can you please tell me if that is what I am supposed to send in to get my rebate, thank you.

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Hi Ram


I have same confusion about the UPC. I didn't get it clear with your previous reply. There are two barcodes: one is on the memory module I've bought and another is on the back of the paper inserted in to the hard plastic package, which has 'ASSY IN TAIWAN'. Can you please tell me which one is the UPC code that I've to cut and send along with the rebate form?




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