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State OF RMA ?

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Hello I am needed to know the state of my RMA (for Number this marries is 1013445). xpert sends my memories to corsair twinx 2x 512 I number of case #184190 Envie by express by given TNT day 02 of July to you. envoy a Mail to rma@corsairmemory.com but not yet already responds to me





Hola me necesito saber el estado de mi RMA ( numero de caso #1013445 ). envie mis memorias corsair twinx xpert 2x 512 numero de caso #184190 Envie por expreso por TNT entregado el dia 02 de julio a ustedes . ya enviado un Correo a rma@corsairmemory.com pero aun no me responden

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I am sorry we can no longer check RMA status in Tech Support; please call our customer service at 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext “0” or send them an email (rma@corsairmemory.com) with your RMA# and ask them for the status!
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it already sends necessary a sera mail that it sends another one again. in which hour it is possible to be called I am of Chile South America




ya envie un mail sera necesario que envie otro nuevamente .. en que horario se puede llamar soy de chile sudamerica

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thanks to respond. the day after its answer contact with me a person of rma service said to me that my memories failed and send to me to new to pair. from it has not and had answer I need to know if they sent them or that it happens and I number of tracking to leave somebody slope of my house since work and I am not in her




and 3 writing email to Carlos Paschal and to not responded anything to me


RMA 1013445. case #184190




gracias por responder . al dia siguiente de su contestacion se contacto conmigo una persona de rma service me dijo que mis memorias fallaron y que enviarian un nuevo par .


desde hay no e tenido contestacion necesito saber si las enviaron o que pasa y el numero de tracking para dejar a alguien pendiente de mi casa ya que trabajo y no estoy en ella por ultimo el dia que als enviaron y por que compañia


e escrito 3 email a Carlos Pascual y no me a respondido nada



RMA 1013445. caso #184190

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Has Carlos got in contact with you?



Carlos I contact to me to inform to me that my memories are discontinued and they would change another pair to me of memories in replacement… from that day (9 of July) not and obtained no answer on the part of Carlos… please I need to know if already they sent them and by as method. That DAY and if is not much to request I number of tracking


Even nothing or an answer


Marcelo Alcàntara V. Email kid_a_666(a)hotmail.com






Carlos me contacto para informarme que mis memorias están descontinuadas y me cambiarían otro par de memorias en reemplazo ... desde ese dia (9 de julio) no e conseguido ninguna contestación por parte de Carlos ... por favor necesito saber si ya las enviaron y por cual método . Que DIA y si no es mucho pedir el numero de tracking



Aun nada ni una respuesta de carlos


Marcelo Alcantara V.

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thank you very much RAM GUY Carlos already contact with me and I have my I number of shipment :headbang:





muchas gracias RAM GUY carlos ya contacto conmigo y tengo mi numero de envio :D:

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