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Ram Speed 4GB SDHC


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Ramguy, pardon my ignorance but these two cards cannot be even close,

when the 2GB card perform at 133mhz and the 4GB card you stated was 20mhz,

Are we talking about the same SDHC cards that Corsair makes?

Where on the site can I find this information for the spec speed for this card.


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Randy I am sorry there is no set spec. as the controller will change from time to time and the density will have an effect on the performance, if you feel that your device is not performing properly then we will be happy to replce it.
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RamGuy, No I don't think it needs replacing now, But I wish Corsair would post the spec as they do for the smaller unit which is the 2GB,

If these are made from the same material it should be as fast as the 133mhz, not the 20mhz speed.


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Yes I have already answered that question!

The performance will be close to the same speed bandwidth; up to 20MB/s.


And what are you talking about 133 MHz speed rating, please provide a link to the information you are seeing?


Our latest format and capacity in our SD card family is the 4GB SD High Capacity (SDHC). With 4GB of storage, this card is able to keep up with your most demanding photo, video, music and data storage requirements for your SDHC compatible devices. These cards are designed for optimum (Class 2) performance.

While similar in size to standard SD cards, our 4GB SDHC cards will only be recognized by SDHC devices so look for SDHC logos on host devices.



SD Card Association 2.00 Specification compliant

Class 2 performance

Ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life

SDHC USB card reader included

FAT 32 file format support

Limited lifetime warranty

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