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I'd like to order a USB flash drive. The last one I ordered, from another company, would not work for my application, so I want to be sure that when I order one, I won't run into this problem again.

First, I need a USB flash drive that will work with Windows 98, first edition.

Second, there is an item that I hope this drive can work with. The item is a Tektronix DPO4034 oscilloscope. I know a lot of companies don't necessarily deal with these types of applications, but knowing that the drive will work on this would greatly increase my chances of buying it. The USB flash drive I had ordered would not work in either of these situations, but almost every other USB flash drive I tried did work.

Please let me know if this info can be gathered. I have no problem with downloading drivers for the drive to work on Windows 98 first edition if need be. My guess is that this is pretty much required.


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