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Pc Only Starts With 1 Stick Installed..


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i ve recently purchased corsair 2gb memory,mnf part#twin2 2048-6400c4,the problem is-my pc wont boot with two sticks installed,i just get the black screen,however it boots ok when i remove one of the sticks(both sticks work ok separetly),

yes,i ve tried to insert them in 2-4 dimms as well as 1-3

yes i ve tried to change the latencies from default ones to 4-4-4-12 and vice versa

yes i ve tried to change the voltage from default (1.8) to 2.1V.

yes i ve tried to reset the BIOS and remove the CMOS battery for 5 minitues before re-installing the modules.

My motherboard is ABIT F-190HD and i think it is compatible with that kind of memory.

My question:is that a faulty memory or mobo causing the problem,or i need to change some settings in windows device manager,or change something in BIOS?

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If both modules will run one at a time but the system will not post that would suggest a MB (Intel) or CPU (AMD) problem. However, if your PSU is not big enough it can cause this symptom as well.
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