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Striker Extreme & 2X(Twin 2 X 2048 - 10000C5DF)


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I'm trying to build a system using an Asus Striker Extreme and & 2X(Twin 2 X 2048 - 10000C5DF) [4GB]. I've read a couple of similiar post regarding 4x1GB Corsair memory not being compatible with the Striker board. Is this also true with the Twin 2 X 2048 - 10000C5DF sticks? If so, what's the ETA for a bios upgrade from Asus to fix? I'm using 32bit Vista Ultra - maching will not post with 4 sticks installed.



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What are the settings or speed you are trying to run them at? With 4 modules you would have to run the memory at DDR2 800 I would try these settings after you reset the BIOS with all four installed and if it will post.

Load setup defaults and then set these settings manually.

Memory Frequency:800 Mhz

SLi ready: Disabled

Memory Voltage: 2.2v

NB Core Voltage: 1.4v

TCL: 5


TRP: 5

TRAS: 15

Command Per Clock: 2

TRC: 24

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