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Flash Voyager 8GB not USB 2.0


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I got two Flash Voyager 8GB usb disks from http://www.komplett.ie last October.


I gave one to my girlfriend and one for myself.


Now for the first time I've noticed that anytime she connects hers to a computer, it pops up saying "This USB device can perform faster if it is connected to HI SPEED USB 2.0 port". She didn't mention it because she thought that was how it was supposed to work.


So I plugged the mine and hers into my pc into two side by side usb slots. I looked at their properties in device manager and even checked the usb hub properties but their doesn't seem to be a difference.


I even gave a go at a disk check but that didn't give any errors.


I ran HDBench on both disks after reading this forum, here are the results:

My Flash Voyager 8GB:

Read: 29646.

Write: 14434.

RandomRead: 29518.

RandomWrite: 4035.


Girlfriends Flash Voyager 8GB:

Read: 965.

Write: 931.

RandomRead: 965.

RandomWrite: 462.


Is this a firmware problem or something?

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Let's get it replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it, please note that you are posting from the forum!


However, Flash Voyager has changed and the performance of the new FV will be somewhere between your drive and what she has now.

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