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4GB Flash Voyager slower than 8GB?


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I'm running virtual machines from Voyager USBs and much to my surprise (and dismay) I have issues with the 4GB model while being OK with 2GB and 8GB models. An HD-Tach benchmark does show the 8G to be faster overall than the 4G one, but not by all that much.


The issues I'm encountering are either the host OS stops seeing the contents of the USB, causing delyaed-write failed messages (If I move the stick to another machine I see the contents again), or just suddent major slowdown. I've tried 3 seaparate 4G stick all with same problemetic result, while all the 8G I've tried so far with exact same VM have no problems.

Is there some known difference on the 4G compared to the 8G? If so, I did order quite a few 4G - Can they be replaced with 8G?


Finally, the GT models, although faster, do suffer the sudden slowdown or "blank-off" problem as well, and the 16G Voyager is definetly slower than 8G. Any plans to fix that?


Thank you

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The speed will vary with the size of drive because of the way they are built, that is normal. There is not a lot that can be done, if you need performance I would suggest using the GT version of our FV for best performance.


And I am sorry we do not sell direct so we do not have an easy way to change to another part#. But you can ask your reseller and see what they say. However, I suspect they will not help you unless you just purchased them.

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