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TWIN2X2048-5400C4 issues

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i have reciently put together a new pc. everything works great at default bios settings (ram at 266mhz[533mhz]), but as soon as i bump the ram up to 333mhz[667mhz], i get alot of "memory cannot be read" and CTDs. i have tryed running the chips individually and they run great at 333mhz with no CTDs..its only when i pair them up problems start to arise. Also tested individually and paired with Memtest86 with no errors


Sometimes they will only post as 1Gb, and sometimes as 2Gb...and on the occasion i have seen them post as 1.5Gb then the system reboots and it finds 2Gb


All bios settings are default, apart from the bump up to 333mhz on the ram.

no matter what settings i do try i cant get them to do 333mhz together, they always drop speed and change latencies..(ive bumped the DRAM drive strength to high with no change)


with this ram (CM2X1024-5400C4 modules in TWIN2X package) the latencies are supposed to be 4-4-4-12..is that for 266mhz mode..or for 333mhz mode? SPD says 5-5-5-15 for 333mhz..i brought the ram thinking it had 4-4-4-12 latencies at 675mhz as shown on the sticks themselves (but thats beside the point and aint really an issue!)


is this likely to be a bad module? or a crap mobo?!


sorry if ive posted in the wrong section!

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ok after some more testing last night, i found that this cpu/mobo WILL run with DDR2-667, but only in single channel mode!..soon as i set to dual channel, i have to drop back to DDR2-533 else i get CTDs random reboots etc (even tho i cant get any memory tester programs to show an error)


i now have it running at 667, and it seems stable, strange thing is cpu-z still reports dual channel mode is in operation even tho its forced to single channel in the bios, and also displays single channel on POST


RAM GUY:why is my CPU supposabley limited to 533 memory, i have NEVER heard of this before and infact know of people running DDR2-800 with this CPU (not with this mobo as it only supports upto 667), and as you can see, its workin fine(apart from no dual channel) now at 667.

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This is a limit of the chipset, you would need to talk to the MB maker for more specifics but if the modules either modules run one up with out problems then its not the memory that is the problem, and when we tested this platform you had to be running a 800 FSB CPU. Its not that you are limited to a 533 FSB CPU its that you are limited to DDR533 because of the CPU FSB you have.


Dual Channel DDRII667 (DDRII x 2 DIMM slots)
And you might have to be running a 1066 FSB to run at DDR2-667.
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