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8888c4df problem


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i have just bought 8888c4df ram. and i got problems. i dont know how to set them to run on 1111 i was able to set them to run on 1067 with some option in bios sli cpuoc 0%. but, in my vista 32 bit has dissapear control panel. i have tested my ram performance "cache and memory benchmark" in lavalyst everest 4.00.976 and i dont get results enough high.

all i want to know is what to do with those ram to run like they must.


my comp.



asus p5n32-e sli

seagate 3400620ns

asus 8800gtx

corsair 8888c4df

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The CPU you have my limit the speed of the memory because of the multiplier but I would set SLI Ready memory to CPU Max.


you think? but i can set multiplier in bios like i want.. other thing, if i set cpuoc to max computer doesnt start.. if i set cpouoc to 0% ram works on 1067mzh but even then computer freeze sometimes. 1%, 2%, 3%,.. nothing works to me..

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You cannot use the automatic settings to Over clock with SLI Ready Memory enabled. You would need to set them manually or leave it set to Disabled and the SPD and frequency set to Auto
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