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620 Question (Important)


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I'm not a PSU guru, so I want to be sure: are the two 6-pin PCI-e connectors on the Corsair 620 on the same rail?


I'll be installing an 8800GTX tomorrow (coming with the CorsairHX PSU) which requires two PCI-e connectors.


However, both connections should be on the same rail for this GPU.


So do I use just one of 6-pin connections of the PSU and split it with an adapter for the two connectors on the 8800GTX?


Or do I have to use both of the 6-pin off the PSU? - Which I wouldn't think, because if you were running SLI, you'd need both and would have to split them anyway.


Any detailed info on this would be greatly appreciated, as I do not want to take the chance of either under-powering the GPU, or worse, frying it using both of the 6-pin connections off the PSU.


Thanks much.



Is it true that this PSU's fans do not spin when not under load?

Or if that happens, is that a problem and it should be RMA'd?

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Don't worry we have tested this card and our PSU has plenty of power, the 12 Volt rails are able to share the power between all of the rails for a max of 34 Amps per connector
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