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CWC100 and 680i Bios boot problems

jacob weber

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Ok, I have to ask this as a general question that maybe more people might be asking.


On newer 680i nvidia boards, there is a 4 pin cpu fan header. I can not even boot up into bios as it gives me a C1 error. I plugged in the blue cpu header that comes with the CWC100 pump into the 4 pin cpu fan header (its setup to accept either 3 pin or 4 pin headers. Now I read elsewhere that you have to have a proper CPU 4pin fan to first setup bios prior to installing the cwc100 water cooling system (or other systems in general).


If you dont do this, it will not allow you to boot into bios, because it thinks there is an error on the cpu fan. You have to first boot into bios, turn off the automatic shutdown on bios error, and then install your water cooling system. This was a bit of a problem for me because I bought a OEM intel Q6600 processor, so no fan!... That being said, I am posting this comment on these threads to give people a heads up on this issue because I really have only found minimal information on this bios issue.


If anyone has a suggestion on booting into bios without a cpu fan, or knows what to connect the cwc100 blue cpu fan plug into, let me know. Thanks...

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