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Corsair XMS w/ intel old intel 875p

Rudy McRomney

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I have one of the earlier revisions of the intel d875pbz motherboard. It's a revision 205, and doesn't have adjustable memory voltages. I'm pretty sure its permanently set at 2.5v. Right now I have a dual channel kit of geil ultra-400's, and they're running at 400mhz with 2-3-3-6 latencies. I want to add another gig of ram that will run at 2.5v with the same latencies, and it seems like the xms kits will be able to do that.


So my question is, will any of the xms ddr400 dual channel kits (2x512) run stably at 2.5v with 2-3-3-6 latencies?

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