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noob question


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Hi there!


Right away!

I have never understood the Mhz thingy with the FSB and Ram Mhz

Right now im running a e6600 with 2 gig of pc6400 Dominators

But when im upgrading to a Q6600 i can still use them or not since this cpu is a 1333mhz FSB????

Don´t get me wrong this is kinda confusing for me lol + i have problems to explain me in english

My 2 Question is , my e6600 is running at 3,2 Ghz rock solid , how much can i overclock the Q6600 with this sticks if they should work?



greets from italy



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Thread wasn't a double post, however bumping not one, but two threads within 24 hours is not called for and against the rules. You have to be patient. All 4 of your posts were made before they were open, therefore they didn't see any of them; therefore they certainly did not need to be bumped.
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