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Hi All


Currently building a system and decided to go with HX620 for PSU. Since then I've changed my mind a few times over what graphics card to go for, currently thinking 8800GTX. My main question is with the spec below how much ampage/wattage will be drawn from the PSU.




Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair

Processor: AMD Athlon FX-62

RAM: 4x1GB ******** PC6400

HDD: Western Digital Raptor-X

Optical Drives: 2x SATA DVD-/+R/RW


So what do you think, will I get away with 2 8800 GTXs, and still maintain a reasonably quiet machine or stick with 1?

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Thanks for that, however I already have my RAM, I also already have the PSU (HX620).


My question is what sort of power consumption am I looking at with my current setup and if I went SLI with the 8800GTX.


Were you refering to your own memory running @ 667 as I don't recall anything in the manual to suggest having 4x1 GB of the memory I have would cause it to run @ 667 instead of 800.

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  • Corsair Employees

I does not matter who's memory you use with 4 modules you may be limited to DDR667 especially if the modules run at Cas 4, but if they are JEDEC Cas 5 or Cas 6 parts they might run 4 up at DDR800 with this MB and or chipset depending on the CPU, but I doubt it.


And our PSU with Two 8800GT cards will not be a problem.

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