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Need another RMA?

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I have another stick of my 8500C5D dieing.

Superfetch errors, followed up by BSOD.

Tested out bad @ 79.2-79.4MB, 335.2-335.4MB.

Takes several attempts to get past C1 just to memtest.

Was running 4GB, very under clocked. DDR700 or so, and 2.2v


I want to wash my hands of this last bad pair. Bad batch???

The replacement RMA pair has been working fine, however I sent dominator, and got back regular XMS2 8500. Non the less, they are working great.

REF: RMA 1006397



To avoid confusion:

Stick 1: 8500 D, Pair A <- died

Stick 2: 8500 D, Pair A

*Purchased about a month apart from Newegg.*

Stick 3: 8500 D, Pair B <- died

Stick 4: 8500 D, Pair B


After RMA, and yes I just sent the bad ones.


Stick 1: 8500 D, From Pair A <- Currently dieing.

Stick 2: 8500 D, From Pair B

Stick 3: 8500 XMS2, Replacement Pair C

Stick 4: 8500 XMS2, Replacement Pair C



BTW: I'm getting a ram cooler, and new 680i board.







Vista 64

800watt PS

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