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problem with cmx512-3200c2pt


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it's been awhile since I did an rma so here goes..


I have 4 sticks of cmx512-3200c2PT


I have a asus a7v880 motherboard and have the following settings


I tried auto by SPD and it most stable but I still get hangs and errors with quickpar


I tried going manual to the following settings


2.5 cas latency

disabled on sdram bank interleave

3t trp

6t tras

3t trcd

15t trfc

2t command

dual channel dram bus


this just hang right from windows load


I tried updating the bios to 1010.005 with no luck.


I thought about giving more power to 2.65v but I'm not sure if it'll damage it.


I tried testing each stick one by one with he same result.


afterward i ran memtest and got like 8 errors after the first pass. I'm not sure if it was the settings that's wrong or they're already bad.


I'm at a lost. if you can give me some suggestion it would be most appreciated.



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at this point I'm pretty sure there something wrong with those 4 sticks. I put in my cmx512-2700c2 into the box and run memtest past with flying colors. Run quickpar to test if it crash and it didn't. Just to make sure i put in another stick different stick of cmx512-2700c2 and it past will flying colors as well. I would like to request for RMA for 4 cmx512-3200c2pt if you have any ojections. I'll go thru any additional test if you want.
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It appears I got a solution and would like to withdraw my request for RMA. I change the rate to 333mhz instead of 400 mhz and it worked like a charm. No errors now and more importantly no freezes.
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