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RAM Upgrade on Gigabyte GA-8SR533


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I want to upgrade the RAM on my old desktop about (5 years old), the motherboard on this desktop is Gigabyte GA-8SR533 and in the motherboard manual it says that it has


- (184-pin DDR DIMM) sockets.

- supports DDR333/DDR266/DDR200 DIMM.

- supports up to 2 unbuffer DIMM DDR 333 or up to 3 Un-buffer Double sided DIMM DDR 266/200

- Supports up to 3 GB DRAM (Max) (DDR 266/200)

-supports only 2.5 v DDR DIMM


I want to put about 2 GB RAM in there but the one I am buying is

" Corsair DDR 1GB PC-3200 Value Select RAM (VS1GB400C3)" - 2 units


Will it work???


Thanks for your help.

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