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Dell Inspiron 9300 RAM Upgrade


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I want to upgrade the RAM of my laptop "Dell Inspiron 9300" from 1 GB to 2 GB.(I feel important to tell here that I am not a computer professional and I do not use any higher end graphics or programmes. I mainly use my computer for internet surfing or common microsoft office applications etc.)


If I buy direct from Dell they are very very expensive. Someone told me that Corsair and Kingston RAM's are very good so I surfed their websites and found out that they have two types of RAM's to upgrade my system.


One type of their RAM is called System Select and other type is generally known as Value Select. I found out that "System select" type of RAMs are 3 to 4 times expensive than the "Value Select" type of RAMs.


When I compared the specifications both of them seemed to be the same.


Can someone help me to choose the right type, In this case does spending more money really gonna get me something good.


I am a bit inclined towards the value select range but I will also consider the other type if they really gonna make difference in the performance of the laptop.


I will be grateful for your help and reply.

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  • Corsair Employees

The Value Select and System Select modules are functionally the same. CMSS parts are built with a restricted bill of materials deemed to provide the best compatibility with OEM systems. As such, we often do not have the capability to use low cost material.

I expect that the VS part will work correctly in your system. And, of course, Corsair's lifetime warranty is in full effect if it does not. Our confidence of first pass success is highest, however, with CMSS parts.

However, I would not suggest using Value Select if you will be adding to the modules that came with your system. But if you are going to replace what came in your system and there is no memory on the Mother Board Value Select should work great in your system.

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