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Memory woes - Just uncanny or coincidence ???


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I to have sent my faulty corsair memory back for a brand new spanking set.


But one thing strikes me as I have read through this forum, trying to gain an insight as to roughly how long people are waiting to get there beloved gaming memory back.


Now this may be a coincidence but by looking at quite a few mails as soon as anyone calls up the RMA department to find out the status of their memory they are told "It will be posted out today via UPS" :eek:


I have just called the RMA Department and guess what they told me ?? Yes you got it, "Your memory will be posted out today via UPS". :confused:


Just uncanny, coincidence, or am I just being phobed off ?? ;):


I will just have to wait and see... :sigh!:

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  • Corsair Employees

We have changed our accounting system and when someone calls Customer Service will issue a request to SHIP that specific RMA out that same DAY or ASAP. So no its not a coincidence, just they way things are going. But you can ask them to send you tracking information.


And please let me know if there are any problems.

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I had the same experience. Things don't happen unless you email / complain. I sent RMA item, they received it on the monday, didn't hear a peep, not even a, "We received your rma blah..." for 5 days. Then as soon as i fire off an email enquiry, things get processed and i receive a ups tracking email (strange?).


Now, i don't have a problem waiting a week or two, but it would be nice to get some kind of confirmation email or something.


It's like one of those insurance companies, they ignore you to the last possible moment, then if you nag them enough, they comply :)

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