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RAM won't post PC


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Hi Ramguy,




I have two of the above sticks of ram.

They were running in my system fine last night. They were set at 2.2 Volts and 1066 Mhz with optimal timings.

Today I wanted to pull a stick of ram out. So I wanted to put them back to the normal voltage and MHz they should be at when running them one at a time. I went to BIOS and changed the MHz to 800 and the volts to Auto. I rebooted the computer and the POST LED indicator on my motherboard is hanging at the RAM test. I cleared the CMOS, but still wouldn't post. So I went and pulled one stick out and the post test passed. I put the stick back in and tried different slots, with the same results, not passing the memory error indicator. I pulled both sticks out and put in the suspected bad one, still not passing post. I reset the CMOS with the stick in. Tried multiple slots and it still wouldn't pass the POST.


Thank you

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What do you think is happeneing to it? This is the third time I RMA for this same reason. One stick works fine, the other doesn't. I run the ram in dual channel, and usually the stick furthest away from the CPU and in the other channel gets messed up.


I have used two motherboards, EVGA 680i and MSI P6N Diamond. I have a BFG 1000W PSU. I have gone through two sets on the EVGA and one on the MSI. I feel like I shouldn't have this many problems with ram.

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