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PC doesn't boot with VS1GB400C3


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My PC doesn't boot with a newly bought VS1GB400C3.

Either nothing happens at all or I get single beeps every few seconds.

It doesn't matter whether I use it alone or together with a VS512MB333.

I have an MSI PT880 FSB, a 3G P4, and XP SP2.


Probably this part is just not compatible but I simply can't figure out why and, more important, what I should buy instead.

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To Junitaki,


The compatibility question is somewhat complicated by the corsair web site listing three variants of your board---but the one I checked listed both VS512mb333 and VS1gb400c3 as compatible. But I assume your computer boots with the vs512mb333 but not with vs1gb400c3 in combination or by itself. And to beat the ram guy to the punch, he is going to say you should not run both at the same time if you can boot at some later time with both. But running two different memories question disappears when you run just the vs1gb400c3 by itself.---and serial presence detect (spd) should send the following timings to your computer bios.


For vs512mb333-------2.5,3,3,7 2T @pc2700


For vs1gb400c3-------2.5,3,3,7 2T @pc2700 and

----------------------3,3,3,8 2T @pc3200


And mixing the two sticks should at best run both sticks at the speed of the slowest ram which is your vs512mb333.


But you are dealing now with three possibilities.


1. There is a small chance that you have some other variant of the MSI board that is compatible with the vs512mb333 but not the vs1gb400c3. I doubt it but possible. Get more detailed mobo specs and check on the main corsair website to be sure.


2. You may have bought a defective stick. Either take it back to where you bought it from or get a refund from corsair through the rma process. Again a small probability. If you have a friend with a computer that takes that ram, you can check to see if it will run in their computer.


3. There is something in your bios that you need to change to get it to run. You bios may be trying to run the vs1gb400c3 at the wrong timings or wrong voltages. And then rejects the ram and fails to boot. And you may be able to get it running by changing bios settings. It take--gasp-- some self education and a willingness to do some trial and error experimentation. Start out by downloading your mobo manual--- download a free copy of cpu-z and memtest86 and you have the tool kit to start

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I don't know if the ram guy's advice of playing with the bios until it posts

will be the quickest way. I would be inclined to put in the stick of vs512mb333

and then use cpu-z to see what bus speed and ram timings you are running at. And that information could give you a big clue on why the vs1gb400c3 does not run. And my initial guess is that is that your bios is running that vs512mb333 downclocked all the way to pc2100 speeds and also at some weird timings. And in that bios state its unable to make the jump back up to the at least pc2700 speeds the vs1gb400c3 needs to post.


But you can't rule in or out any possible hypothesis until you use something like cpu-z to tell you exactly where you are now.


Or the ram guy may be right and my way will be the slower way. Lots of uncertainty when you are playing with ram.

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