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Possible Bad Module: CMX1024-C2PT in Asus A7N8X Deluxe

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I think I may have a bad module. I have been getting some erractic windows startup crashes and thought, hmm, I'll run memtest and rule out the memory before I reinstall etc. Incidentally, no odd behavior that I've seen when I've booted to Linux.


Running memtest, I have received two errors, but only two errors (in 5 passes, at least so far).


Here's some details:

Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard

1 Corsair XMS CMX1024-C2PT memory module, running at default speeds

AMD XP 3200+ Barton



Memory Errors:

Memtest-86 v3.0

Tst Pass Failing Address Good Bad Err-Bits Count Chan

5 2 0003edf6bd0 - 1005.3MB ffffefff ffffffff 00001000 1

5 2 0003fd6eb30 - 1021.38B ffffefff ffffffff 00001000 1


As stated above, I'm up to 5 passes and only received these errors once each.


So I guess I'd say I have a bad module but am surprised that the error is erractic?


Opinions RAM guy?





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Keith what you have posted would suggest some other problem, if you have a failing module they will fail consistently on a lower test.

Can you tell me the hardware and Bios revision of your MB and the Bios settings you have set? Also do you have the modules in slots 2-3?

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