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HX620 Power on, then off, then back on.


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I have a brand new HX620 power supply, and when i turn on my computer it will start for around 1 or 2 seconds at most, ( see fans spinning and hear harddrives etc..) then the power is cut for around 3 seconds after which it then returns automatically, and then everything boots fine.


Does this every time i start my computer, or when i save somthing in the bios, and it needs to restart. or even somtimes when i do a hard reset (hit the reset button). I have not seen it ever hapen on a cold reset ( windows reset). Also when i shut down windows, it seems as if the power cuts out two quick not giving the Harddrives a chance to spin down.


After booting into windows everything runs fine, and i can do stress tests on CPU/RAM/Video Card , all day with no problems.


Its just the first second of a boot and restarts that have this issue.


I am worried that this behaviour will damage some of my expensive hardware, or mess up my raid arrays.


Here is a list of my hardware, Nothing is overclocked:

Motherboard: Asus P5K deluxe Wifi-AP, Bios 0404, board rev 1.00G

CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6600

RAM: ******** Platinum DDR2-1066 Dual Chan, 2x1GB sticks. 5-5-5-15, 2.3V

Video Card:BFG 8800 GTX OC

Sound Card, Soundblaster XFI Extreem Gamer Fatality


Power Supply: Corsair HX620, 620W.

Total Power Use Recorded at wall: Idle 250W, Under Heavy Load, ~350W.

Both PCIE plugs, inserted into Video card.

8pin plugged into motherboard

All harddrives plugged into first plug next to permanent cables (green rail box in rail outlines on forum sticky), Optical drives, floppy and fans plugged into sockets 3 and 4 from permanent cables (blue box)


Harddrives: 3x Western Digital WD5000YS,Raid Edition.

Harddrives setup in Intel Matrix Raid5 + Raid0, plugs 1, 2, 5

LG DVD Burner SATA plug 3

Liteon DVD Burner IDE

Floppy Drive, Case Fans


Thanks for any help you guys can give in order to help me troubleshoot this.

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That may be normal for that MB,?


That may be possible, and is somthing I am seriously considering.


have you updated the Bios to the latest version and then loaded setup defaults?


Yes I have the latest bios ( 0404 released last thursday June 21 2007)

And yes I tried with the setup defaults.


Would be nice if I had another high end ps capable of running this system so i could swap out this HX620 and try and rule it out as the culprit. Im going to have to look into this a little bit more.


Also if anyone else here has this popular, Asus P5K Deluxe, motherboard along with this HX620, please let us know if you experience this behaviour.



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