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Will the 520HX handle my old system?


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Hey, I have a Tyan Thunder K7 (s2462) who's ATX GES (AMD GES) power supply just flaked out. The old PS was 450W and about 6 years old. Yesterday, an nVidia app. started giving me warnings that the video card is not getting enough power, and was being disable to stabilize the system, so it's time to get a new one.


Here are my specs:

Tyan Thunder K7 (s2462)

2x(Athlon MP 2800+ (Barton core))

Asus FX 5950 Ultra

60gb 7200 rpm PATA hdd

300gb 7200 rpm PATA hdd

2x(dvd +/- RW)

3.5" fdd

1394 PCI card

Sound Card

3x(nic cards)


Will the 520W handle my system?

PS, I'm going to use a EPS12V to AMD GES 24-pin/8-pin converter.



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