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TWIN2X2048-6400C4 both working single but not in dual channel mode

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I have used around 1 month fighting with my computer rebooting when playing games (WoW+UT2004)



I first belived it was heat, and got new PC case + fans + cpu/gpu coolers.. Nothing changed, then i read that many people had problems in WOW since patch 2.1 and i was sure it was WOW's fault.. I installed UT2004 just to play something until WOW got fixed, but then i saw my computer reboot in UT2004 also :(



I tryed all i knew of, reinstall windows, new drivers + bios, nothing helped at all.. i tryed to change RAM settings, from default 5-5-5-18 to 4-4-4-12 and many other things.. still rebooting after 2-3 mins play..


Finally someone told me to try 1 memory module at the time in A1 socket, and BANG !! working like a dream..


I now tested both modules alone and both can run WOW for 2+ hours no errors at all.. and as soon as i try both modules, the computer is rebooting in 2-3 mins.. (in games, not normal windows use)



now I just really want some help on how to do this after the book.. If i need more testing, please cut it out in paper what to do, or can i get another set of RAM from this info alone.. Asus has this RAM in their List over OK RAM, so i guess the mainboard can use these modules in dual channel using default settings ?



Please tell me step by step what to do





Antec 182 w. 5x120mm fans

Corsair HX520W

Asus Commando w. 1001 BIOS

Intel Core2 Duo E6600 @ Default speed


Inno3D 7900 GTX



Sorry if this is the wrong forum, and for my maybe bad english :bigeyes:



******** Buying date for the modules: 25 may 2007




Since i made this post and up until now, i have had Zero problems when using only 1 module.. But just now i got a Blue Screen telling something about some Memory error.. i was so stupid i just hit reset fast and didnt read the error message 100% But well, it happend after alt+tab'ing in World of Warcraft and since wow had some alt+tab'ing problems, i cant know if that was the game or RAM that was the reason for the blue screen..


But my point and reason for writing is just that i now know 100% sure that my 2 Modules cant together.. alone there is no big problems.. as soon as i put both modules in dual channel mode, every bigger game i have, make the computer restart in a few mins..


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Have you tried moving the modules to the other two slots, and I would load setup defaults and then set the memory Voltage to 2.0 Volts and set the timings manually to the tested settings manually and then test the system with http://www.memtest.org to make sure it's stable.






Thx for the reply, i have a bad headache now, so ill wait with the bigger tests.. But i tryed what you wrote, i changed RAM voltage to 2.0 and tested both RAM in A1 (one block at the time) with Memtest86+ V1.70 and no errors.. i then tested A1+B1 and no errors.. i fast tested World of warcraft and no reboot in 20 mins .. So it looks like i wasted your time, sorry about that.. I guess the problem was that my mainboard sets the RAM voltage to 2.1xx when loading default settings..


I tryed 4-4-4-12 before, and had errors in wow in 2-3 mins.. but that was with default RAM voltage .. i hope the hole problem was ~0.1 volt too much on the RAM modules :bigeyes:


No matter, ill test some more later and return if i get errors again..



Thx for now..

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Damn, bad news, i maybe dont have rebooting problems anymore, but i get GFX errors from time to time.. And i can tell 200% that isnt heat or the GFX-card, i tested with 2 cards, and 100% same errors.. and the errors can come after 5 mins play, or 1+ hour..


Could it be the game, (World of Warcraft), or maybe my mainboard that just dont like TWIN2X2048-6400C4 ?


I can't be 100% sure, but its like the errors comes faster when using 4-4-4-12 timing vs. 5-5-5-18(auto setting read with CPU-Z)


I reinstalled the game, and tryed tons of settings, and tested both with and without UI addons..



I cant find more of the settings from Auto Detect, but if i load BIOS default, and disable Auto, i can see this setting:


DRAM CAS# Latency = 5

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 6

DRAM RAS# to Precharge = 6

DRAM RAS# Activate to Precha = 15

DRAM Write Recovery Time = 6



Rank Write to Read Delay = 10

Read to Precharge Delay = 10

Write to Precharge Delay = 11



What will be the best settings ? these numbers make no sense to me :(



I know it could be the game, but the problems came after i changed mainboard + cpu + ram .. I first had an Asus P35 mainboard, that did 100% the same as now, then i got that board switched to this Asus Commando.. So that gives me CPU + RAM left as problem..


I know some people with around the same hardware as me, Intel p965 chipset based mainboard + Intel Core2 Duo + Nvidia GFX-card and they have Zero problems.. So it cant be the game that dont like Intels dualcore cpu's


I am really really lost, i tryed so many things now to fix my computer.. I tryed another PSU another GFX card, no soundcard and 1.000.000 settings..



First i had GFX-problems + random rebooting problems, i solved the rebooting problems by lower the RAM voltage from 2.1x to 2.0 - What could solve the GFX errors i get ?



Some Screenshots of the problem:








So sorry for the little long post, i am just very lost now, i used so many money on fixing these problems.. Should i try to buy some other RAM ?



Please tell me what settings to use, and how long i should run memtest to be 100% sure this isnt a RAM problem.. :sigh!:



PS.. the problem are the same no matter RAM slot used..

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ok well hmm.. Memtest dont show any errors, but how well can you trust memtest ? do i need 1 test round, or 20 or?


over an 8 hours periode i get no errors while using memtest, so i guess its not a RAM problem.. I will test some more, and get a new GFX card..



But a funny thing about Memtest is that 3 times it just rebooted my system 1 second after mt170.exe was executed - after the reboot memtest was fine..


I also sometimes get BSOD in windows when playing games.. Telling something with Memory problems and nvidia's nv4_disp.dll..


Of cause that can be my gfx card, and ill try get a new 1..



For now, thx for the help, i will return if a new gfx card dont fix my problem..

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