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Corsair XMS2 5400 CL4 and Gigabyte P35 DS3P


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Will this ram (TWIN2X2048-5400C4) work happily with the Gigabyte P35 DS3P?


The gigabyte memory approved list doesn't show the corsair ram :[pouts:


The Corsair website says that it is compatible, but does that mean it has been tested, and will work 100%? :sigh!:



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Our configurator will list the MB's our modules are compatible with, and I don't know that we have ever sent memory to any MB maker for a QVL list. And dont take this wrong but there is no way we can test every MB that is on the market, and we would not have to test a specific MB to know that our modules would work. However, we do purchase MB's from all of the major MB makers and do testing please see Performance Reports, I am sire that MB will turn up on there if it's not already!

And yes those module will work on that MB as long as its the version that supports DDR2.

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