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The right 2GB kit for a Q6600


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Hy guys!

I'm going to purchase an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and an ASUS P5K Deluxe/WiFi for my new PC. But I'm still puzzled on the choice of the right 2GB kit of Corsair memory. :sigh!:


Knowning that:

- Q6600 works at native FSB 266 and Core Speed of (266x9) 2.4GHz,

- Quads are more difficult to overclock than Duos,

- I won't do a lot of overclock,


I ask:

- What's the best kit to work in synchro (1:1) with the C.P.U.?

- Is it right or wrong to work in synchro with the C.P.U.?

- Buying a DDR2 PC6400 Cas4 which settings and timings should I use? :confused:


Thanks in advance for any help! :D:

Luca B. from Italy!

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I would suggest Twin2s2048-8500C5D for that MB.

Surely this is a very good kit... but I think that it could be too much for my PC.

Even with an overclocked speed of 3.6GHz :eek:, I could always stay in synchro with a PC6400 (FSB=400 & FSB:DRAM=1:1)... Don't you think?


With lower overclock or at stock... is it always a good choice to have a kit with higher frequencies? Even if the ratio FSB:DRAM is unbalanced as with 2:3 or 1:2?


Thanks again! :laughing:

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Those modules would give the best versatility and choice for over clocking and or future CPU upgrades, but its your choice. That was my suggestion but you are welcome to do or use any module you prefer.
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