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Abit IP35 Pro + Twin2X2048-8500C5D


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Hi folks


I'm waiting for delivery of an Abit IP35 Pro (P35), 2GB Dominator 8500C5D, and an E6600.


What ratio\settings should I be running CPU and memory at? (wanted to run the E6600 @ stock initially to get everything working).


Spec sheet for the mobo @ abit says support for DDR2800\667\533 and CPU 1333\1066\800 support.


I understand the 8500C5D is 2.2v 5-5-5-15 @ 1066MHz (533*2?). The E6600's 1066FSB is 266*4. Do I need to run the RAM slower to match the E6600's stock speeds?


New to C2D overclocking if you haven't noticed already :biggrin:


Thx for any help.

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Unfortunately I can't get as far as entering the BIOS :roll: the system never boots past POST code C1, which according to the mobo manual is:



Detect memory

-auto detection of DRAM size, type and ECC

-auto detection of L2 cache (socket 7 or below)


I've tried each stick in each DIMM slot individually, each time the system sticks on C1 POST.


I've seen other people in the abit forums who have said 8500C5D works in this mobo at default BIOS settings, so the question is, which should I RMA first, mobo or RAM.

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Did you try and reset the Bios with the CLEAR C-Mos Jumper one module at a time? And if you get the same problem with both modules I would suspect some other problem. You might talk to the MB maker and see what they suggest.
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Thx for the reply. Yes I reset CMOS after each stick\DIMM test (using the traditional jumper method, and the EZCMOS (switch accessed outside case via I\O plate with clear CMOS functionality)). Always get C1.


As I have no other DDR2 RAM to swap, and no other system to try this DDR2 in, I have no choice to RMA one or the other. As you say - with both sticks not being detected by the board I guess I'll RMA that first.



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No :(:


All my other bits and pieces are AGP & DDR1 stuff so I can't test RAM or VGA.


I have a thread running about this in the abit forums, and amongst the suggestions was seeing if a local computer shop will test the RAM and or other components for me, to at least verify it works. Going to explore this tomorrow.

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