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Defective RAM module


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I think one module of my "Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL" is defective:

When I use the two modules (say, A and B), I get a Windows XP Pro blue screen saying that my BIOS isn't fully compliant with ACPI standards. When I use only A module, Windows XP Pro boots without any problem, and when I use only B module, I get the same blue screen.


I passed MemTest86+ on my PC, with only B module, and it produced approximately 1000 errors per second (:eek:).


The BIOS settings concerning RAM are:

FSB: 166MHz, latencies: 2-3-2-5, memory frequency: 166MHz, memory voltage: 2.8V.


I think module B is defective, and would like to apply for warranty.


Thank you.




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