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Ram Problem

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I have a problem I bought 2 x 1gb of VS1GB533D2 when I made my computer I have recently bought 2 x 1gb of VS1GB667D2 and my computer is dual channel memory will this cause a problem my motherboard as it can take up to 16gb of RAM


2nd Problem 1 of the newest sticks of ram is faulty I have tried this stick on its own and it does not start up the computer I also tried this in other slots and it does not I am currently running with 3gb of ram and this wont be dual channel as I am 1 strip missing I only bought this today and I took my RAM back to the shop and they are unwilling to change it so where do I go from here??? I have all the receipts


Any help would be brilliant!!

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You cannot Mix memory with this platform, please try and clear the BIOS with just the new modules installed and see if it will pass http://www.memtest.org.


Sorry not that technical :-( what/how do you mean by the Bios? did u mean Flash the Bios, I have done that, I have worked out that the 667 will be faster than the 533 thats origionaly in the system but there is defenitly a problem with 1 of the new strips it will not let my computer turn on how ever the other strip will when i install them seperatly.


Thanks for your help

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