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Faulty 512Mb Flash Drive


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I returned a 512Mb flash voyager drive last November, and the replacement you sent is faulty. Whenever I plug it in I get the message "USB device not recognised. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognise it." I have tried it on several computers, with the same result.


My case number was #21824. RMA number R208034.


I am not willing to return the drive to you again, as the cost of postage is greater than the current retail value of the drive. I would appreciate it if you could arrange for me to exchange it at my nearest stockist:


Aria Technology Ltd.

Aria House

Belle Vue Avenue

Pottery Lane


United Kingdom

M12 4AS


I also feel that it would be courteous of you to upgrade my drive to 1Gb to compensate for the inconvenience and cost of postage for the last return.




Rob Hardman

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Please call our customer service at 510-657-8747 Ext "0" and let them know you just got this back from RMA and as long a it has been less than 60 days we will pay the shipping both ways.
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Hi Ramguy


I have sent the email as per your reccomendation, and as yet I have not had a reply. How canI exchange my Flash drive locally without the original reciept. As the drive is guaranteed for 10 years, I should not need a receipt.


This is now becoming very frustrating. Makes me wonder why I should buy corsair products in future!



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Hi Ramguy


I have re-sent the email as instructed and am still awaiting a response.

I am building several new systems for family members soon and this experience is putting me off using corsair components. I don't know how you do things in the USA, but in the UK most companies respect their customers.



R Hardman






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