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Small issue that might want to be looked into

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So about a month ago, my XMS2 PC6400 C4 had 1 stick fry. I decided to use Corsair's RMA program to see if it could be replaced (part of why I only buy Corsair). Well, on the 24th of May, I sent out my RAM via next day air mail from Ottawa, Canada. I received confirmation of receipt on the 28th, all is well.


.....3 weeks later......


I am still yet to receive any word on it, so I took RamGuy's advice and called the toll free #. I spoke with a very helpful individual who was completed baffled at the fact that my RMA had been approved, but it somehow got stuck in the system and never approved for return. He said he could see no reason as to why it was stuck. I have received Int'l shipping at this address before so it can't be that.


Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining to the point of being irate. I am simply hoping that something like this can be avoided in the future.


Anyways, my advice is to call/email the RMA department if your RMA is taking longer than expected. The staff there were great in helping once I contacted them!

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I am sorry about that, we did change our accounting system last month and it did cause some delays and there have been back orders on most DDR2 modules that has not helped.

You did get your modules replaced correct?

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