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Abit IN9 and C5D 2gb

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Please help. I have recently flashed the motherboard to the latest BIOS. Although everything is completley stable running memory/cpu at stock, I am having real problems achieving any stable OC which was possible on a beta BIOS. I was previously able to OC my CPU at 3.3ghz without upping voltage. Now, I get instant memory errors and loads of BSOD's. Do I need to raise the voltages's for CPU, nb, sb, htt, cpu vtt,memory? Do i need to relax the memory timings? Does anyone know what the sub timings should be for this memory? Is it better to run it at 800Mhz with faster timings?(4-4-4-12 2t@800 rather than 5-5-5-5-15 2t@1066)
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