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Two Twin kits


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Dear Ramguy


I bought 2 twin kits in two steps which apparently doesn't work together.

The first one is CM2X1024-6400C4 (2x1Gb) and the second is a CM2X1024-6400C4 G, the motherboard is an Asus P5N32-SLI and the OS is Vista Home premium 64.


During the OS boot the system stops (memory error checksum).


Are the two kits incompatibles? what is the difference with and without G.




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The bios version is the last one available for my motherboard, V. 802 dated april 30th. I cant see inside any specific setting for RAM modules.


I also checkedboth kits with memtest86, but everithing seems ok.

I also tried to use 1 module from the first kit with another module from the second, and also in this case everythink goes well


Do you think is the motherboard BIOS not yet developed to support 4GB RAM?

Pls help me!!!

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  • Corsair Employees

With that MB and 4 modules you will need to set the memory Frequency at DDR667 if you have a 1066 FSB CPU and I would set the memory voltage to 2.1 Volts and well and just let the MB set the timings and then test the system with http://www.memtest.org to make sure its stable.

Also You'll need to install MS patch 929777 from Microsoft for more than 3 GIG in Win Vista. you can search for it at http://www.Microsoft.com.

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