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GA p35 DQ6


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I got a glitch with my corsair 2gb pc2 8500 and my Gigabyte mb P35 DQ6 I am only getting 400mhz on each core (processor intel quad conroe 6600) 1000 watt power supply. cpuz reports that i have pc 6400 memory running at 400 mhz bios says 1066 mhz memory. Help me out please



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CPU-Z will show the clock Frequency and 400 MHz X 2 = DDR800

What Tab are you looking under? The memory Tab will show the currant chipset settings and the SPD Tab will show whats set in the SPD.

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on the speed tab it says memory max bandwidth pc2 6400 400mhz

part # cm2x1024 - 8500 c5d

Vista performance rating is what my other pc's are with ddr 3200 memory 400 mhz.

I am sure there has got to be some adjustment in bios but i can't find it at all.

thanks for your response.

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