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Bad Axe II


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I need help in OC my rig.


I havea bad axe 2 with quad core, and some corsair memory


I have read some forums and seen legit reviews having the quad core clocked to 3.66 ghz.


How can i achieve this, everytime i attempt to increase my fsb past 266 i get BSOD on boot up.


I currently have the CPU x12 multiplier achieving 3.1ghz.


I am trying to find out if my ram is holding me back or would their be any other issues.



How i was trying to achieve my OC was through FSB, I was hoping to have a multiplier of x10 and have FSB @ 333Mhz.



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Well, 333MHz FSB x 10x cpu multiplier would give you 3.33GHz CPU SPEED...


To find out if bottleneck is RAM or not you can unlink your RAM from the FSB and lock it at 800MHz. If your bluescreening on higher speeds try uping your NB and VCORE voltages a bit. (Make sure you watch the temp, anything to much over 65C isn't doing your CPU much good.)

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