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ABIT AV8 max memory/speed question


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Hi guys,


I've got an ABIT AV8 which currently has one set of TWINX2048-3200C2PT modules installed- and everything works fine.


I was kicking around a RAM upgrade to extend the life of this system for another year or so. The AV8 supports up to 4GB, so another set of TWINX2048-3200C2PT seems to be the way to go...


but, there's a snag in this idea. Actually 2... according to the motherboard manual, if you install a two pairs of "double sided" memory, your memory clock with decrease from DDR400 to DDR333.


You can mix pairs of "double sided" and "single sided" memory to retain DDR400 clocking.


Now, since the modules have heat spreaders on them, I can't tell what's actually on them. I've done a little research and I think that there are 16 64Mx8 chips on them. I believe this makes them a two bank DIMM, which ABIT calls "double sided".


So, I gather that I can't go to 4GB in this box without slowing my memory clock down.


Question 1: Do the 512MB XMS modules then have 8 64MBx8 chips? (That would make them "single sided" and I can use them with no performance hit)


Question 2: Would Vista 32-bit even be able to see 4GB? I know on some of these older boards, you can lose up to 1GB on a 4GB config due to hardware mapping and OS issues.



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