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M2N-E SLI and TWIN2X2048-6400


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I have just assembled a M2N-E SLI with TWIN2X2048-6400 memory but the MB keeps beeping (1 long and 2 shorts) indicating memory problems.


I noticed the modules has different specifications labeled as

1. XMS6405v5.1

2. XMS6405v6.2

Im not sure if this is a problem.


Both labels says it are 5-5-5-12 but the memory test says 5-5-5-18


If I keep just one (the 6.2) MB boots but the system seems pretty much unstable.

Memory test for this one shows loads of errors more than 100 thousand.


The 5.1 alone doesnt boot at all.


Are those memories really compliant with this mobo?

Are those modules really defective?


The mobo has the more recent BIOS update and I already tried to set the DIMM voltage to 1.9 and the times to 5-5-5-12 and 5-5-5-18, both failed (still beeping)


Any suggestions?

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That would suggest a problem with the system as all of the modules are tested on a MB at the rated speed before they leave our factory. Can you tell me the complete system configuration, and can you test the modules in another system?
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