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VS1GBKIT400 Unstable - Help


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I bought a VS1GBKIT400 (2 x VS512MB400) in early 2005, and I've been having stability problems with them that are getting worse. At first I would get random BSODs with messages like "read failure at address xxx." The only way I can get them to run in dual-channel mode is to slow them down to 166 MHz and/or set timing to 3-4-4-9 or slower.


I've tested them multiple times for hours with prime95 and Memtest86+ 1.65. They usually pass when tested as separate modules but they never pass together.


I currently use an Arock 939Dual-SATA2 with DIMM voltage on "high" (2.7v) and command rate at 2T. I have tested this same board with another VS1GBKIT400 and it passes Memtest at 200 MHz / 2.5-3-3-8-1T.


The module lot/serial numbers are 783-0502043-0-002723 and -002751.


As of today I have tried these modules with four motherboards, two power supplies and three processors with no luck.


I would like to request a replacement kit.


Thank you,


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