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Crossfire PSU recommendation (X1950Pro Crossfire)


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I'm afraid it will be one of these threads. I spend the past 3 days trying to figure out everything there is to know about PSUs, the differences, the rails, what does what, etc. I think I know a little bit more now, but just want to be sure.


I'm planning on building a new workstation soon. My main goal for it is that it will be a silent, reliable and stable system. I am not going to overclock, my office is hot enough as it is.


In my quest for a PSU I've seen your products mentioned on many different sites, forums and recommendation lists. Most of these articles and posts confirm my initial idea I have of your products, though I have not yet had the privilege of owning and using your products yet.


The system I am planning to build will use the following components:


Intel Bad Axe 2 mainboard

E6600 C2D CPU @ Stock speed

2-4 GB Low Latency DDR2 800MHz RAM

2 X1950Pro Ultimates in Crossfire setup



DVD Burner


Keyboard, mouse, usb soundcard, usb card reader, etc.

Antec P182 Case


I'll probably add a fan controller and maybe one or two 120mm fans, depending on how the system will perform when I build it.


I would guess the 50 amps would cover it, but I am not sure if I may constantly overload one of the rails in this setup. In your product description you state you have integrated circuitry to deal with rail overloads, but it is not clear to me if this is something that can be used to balance out spikes in use, or if this can be used all the time.


I checked the forum of the company making the graphics cards and they offer a list of PSUs that seem to be compatible with my choice in graphics cards, but most of the brands and types they list are not available in my part of the world, and if they are, I doubt I will get any support on them. However, your PSU was not on their list in either positive or negative ways.

I also checked the ATI Crossfire site, and your PSU is listed as a recommended PSU for a crossfire setup with these specific cards, yet a few posts on their forum seed uncertainty about this.


Anyway, the main question is, will I be able to run this off a Corsair HX620W?


Sorry to bother you with such a question, but I just want to make sure - especially after 3 days of horror stories about PSUs going up in flames, graphics cards dying, etc - that this PSU will cover my setup and give me the stable system I am hoping to build. Thanks in advance for your reply and have a nice weekend.

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Thanks for your quick reply. If I don't forget I'll report back on how the system worked out. I'm considering using the 520 model for a Mobile C2D (T7200) based development / media server and a rebuild of an old system as well, should be fun.


Thanks again, and once again, have a nice weekend.

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