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TWIN2X2048-8500C5D wont post


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I am running a striker extreme (1102 bios) with 4 sticks of dominator 8500C5D and two of my sticks (one from each set) wont post and give a DET DRAM error. On one of the sticks i can get a semi stable x64 XP windows running if I run at 2.2V. The other dead stick doesnt seem to work at all. The problem seemed to creep up on me over the past 5 months since i got my system (coolermaster 850W and 2 x 8800 GTXs), mostly with an unstable Vista 32 bit that crashed and gave video driver errors. I switched to XP and things were stable for awhile and last week they system stopped posting. Was running with default settings on the bios until i got DET DRAM error on the striker extreme.


Returned to dealer here in Australia who sent to official corsair distributor - who told me that they tested the RAM and could find no problem - i am not sure how to proceed as it looks like they dont want to replace it and i cant use this really expensive RAM. I should have bought mail order from the US as the return policies sure beat ours hands down.


Any suggestions on how i might proceed to get my system posting with the suspect RAM?



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