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Nice ;) timings, settings volts etc? Please :)


Timings - 4-4-4-12-2T

Voltage - 2.1V

Frequency - 933MHz

Operating Temperature 45C +- 2C



CPU - Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz @ 3.5GHz

-Idle Temp - 24C-28C

-Load Temp - 54C +- 4C



FSB - 1400MHz

RAM Ratio - 3:2

(1:1 would have required PC8500 RAM and Sync Mode would require a 1800MHz FSB just for 800MHz on the RAM. 3:2 is stable, performs well and doesn't require me making my motherboard angry.)


(Using Dominator RAM fan, it helps.)




If there's any overclocking experts on the Striker Extreme mobo out there PLEASE send me a PM, I'm a bit new to things and could use a bit of advice if anyone has the time.

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933MHz at those timings and volts with promos chips is pretty darn nice I would say, makes me feel hopeful about my own ram, only running at 832MHz at the moment @ 2.12v, but now im getting ideas;)


Is the Ram fan noisy? or even necessary in a well ventilated p180 case?

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I would say over 900MHz your probably going to want the fan. Mine is extremely noisy when I first boot, loud nasty grinding sound, but it quiets down after a minute or so and is near silent. (And from what I hear this is only my fan, I tried to contact support but they never replied, guess I'll have to give it another go.)



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