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Question concerning the exchange of memory


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I just recently purchased this memory for a new system I was building, and it worked great for about 3 weeks. Then I started getting what are know as BSOD, or Blue Screens of Death.






After determining it was my memory that was causing the problem, I decided to test each module individually, by booting the computer with only one module. The computer started with one module, but not the other. I then tested both sticks of RAM using memtest86. One stick had no errors, but the other stick had many (I tested two 1024MB's).


I am confident that one of my sticks of RAM is not functioning properly, and is still covered by the warranty, but I have a question about exchange. When I send it back to Corsair, does it need to be in the original packaging? (I have everything else, receipt, RMA, etc.) Also, can I send in just the bad stick, or do I have to send in both sticks of RAM for an exchange to occur?



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