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Mixing RAM?


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I have a number of PC's - one of them is a video edit PC and I could do with some extra RAM in there. Currently it has an Asus P5WD2 Premium M/B with Corsair CM2X1024-6400 RAM (2Gb over two sticks). I have some spare CM2X512-8000UL RAM (4 x 512MB sticks). I'd like to put two of these in to make a total of 3Gb RAM.


Is this a good idea? Will they work happily together? Should I manually set the timings to the lowest spec of the two (5-5-5-12 I believe) and should I set the VDIMM to a particular level?


What will happen if they're all working in Dual channel mode?





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Unfortunately mixing different models of RAM together in the same system will not provide positive results. Most of the time you will get errors. If you are using a 32BIt OS it would be wise to stick with the 2GB, since it will only see about 3GB even if you install 4GB.
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