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Asus P5K Deluxe - 10000C5D black dimm slots > yellow dimm slots

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2x1GB Twin2X2048-10000C5DF Dominator

Asus P5K Deluxe 0311 bios


Originally, even with 0311 official bios the 10000C5D Dominators were a bit more than flaky on P5K Deluxe - understandably so as 10000C5D Dominators are validated only on eVGA 680i motherboards. But it seems now that I am retesting them in black dimm slots instead of yellow dimm slots, they're alot more stable particularly at 4-4-4-x timings needing less vdimm and clocking a bit tighter on memory timings in black dimm slots than in yellow dimm slots!


Confirmation from bingo13/Gary from Anandtech here, black dimm slots are designed to do this according to Asus!


The black slots are required for high memory clocks or stable low latency settings on either P5K board, in fact on the P5K3, the only way to get above 1800 in dual channel mode is to use the black slots. ASUS has the official explanation coming shortly... ;)


Note, prior to these tests all my 2x1GB memory testing to date on P5K Deluxe has been in the yellow dimm slots.


The nice sexy modules provided folks at Corsair :D:





Corsair 10000C5D Dominators:


Using memtest86+ v1.70:


Yellow slots = 590mhz 5-5-5-18 10-42-10-10-11 at 2.45v memtest semi stable

Black slots = 625mhz 5-5-5-15 3-30-3-3-8 at 2.4v memtest able


In windows had to loosen the subtimings up and drop the clocks a bit for 2.4v vdimm but still @620Mhz 5-5-5-15 8-30-8-8-8 at 2.4v is much better than Yellow slots @590mhz 5-5-5-18 10-42-10-10-11 at 2.45v which was only semi stable in memtest.


JumperFree Configuration Settings

AI Overclocking: Manual

CPU Ratio Control: Manual

- Ratio CMOS Setting: 9

FSB Frequency: 388

PCI-E Frequency: 100

DRAM Frequency: DDR2-1242

DRAM Command Rate: 2T

DRAM Timing Control: Manual

CAS# Latency: 5

RAS# to CAS# Delay: 5

RAS# Precharge: 5

RAS# Activate to Precharge: 15

TWR: 8

TRFC: 30




DRAM Static Read Control: AUTO


Transaction Booster: AUTO

Boost Level: N/A

Clock Over-Charging Mode: AUTO


CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled


CPU Voltage: 1.475v

CPU Voltage Reference: AUTO

CPU Voltage Damper: Enabled

CPU PLL Voltage: 1.50

DRAM Voltage: 2.4

FSB Termination Voltage: 1.40

North Bridge Voltage: 1.55

North Bridge Voltage Reference: AUTO

South Bridge Voltage: 1.20


Advance CPU Settings

CPU Ratio Control: Manual

- Ratio CMOS Setting: 9

C1E Suppport: Disabled

Max CPUID Value Limit: Disabled

Vanderpool Technology: Disabled

CPU TM Function: Disabled

Execute Disable Bit: Disabled

PECI: Disabled


USB Configuration

USB Functions: Enabled

Legacy USB Support: Disabled (need to enable it to detect USB flash drives)


CPUZ Validation



Everest Ultimate



Short Prime95 v25.2 blend test



Super Pi 32M Single & Dual


Single 32M



Dual 32M


half way mark








Sandra XI SP2









So for very high memory clocks or very tight memory latencies on Asus P5K Deluxe at least try the black dimm slots and compare them to yellow dimm slots ;):

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thanks. yes it's been a while indeed :):


Tested other memory in black dimm slots on P5K Deluxe as well as other folks I know done the same and consistently there's 15-30mhz more headroom at least on 5-5-5-x timings in black slots versus yellow.


With 10000C5D cas 4-4-4-x timings didn't change much in black slots about same as yellow around 565-570mhz 4-4-4-9 ish.






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