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Help with Dominator and Striker issues!


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Hi, before I start i'm going to apologise in advance for this thread however I couldn't find anything which suited my problem specifically enough.


I've just built up my new PC (which consists of an Asus Striker Extreme Mobo, Intel C2D E6600 and Dominator RAM) I put it all together and went to power it up. The green light on the motherboard lit up as I expected however all that happens when I press the power button is a short burst making the fans spin just a little then nothing. The on board LED is stuck at the CPU INIT stage.


I have looked on Google before posting this and I couldn't find anything to help, I understand this may have nothing to do with the memory however, I have read of a lot of incompatibility issues between the two as well as reports of them working well (hence the purchase :))


I was wondering if you think that using a old stick of DDR2 would make my system power up and allow me to enter the BIOS and up the voltage to the RAM, I ask this as I don't have any to hand anymore and need to go out and buy some before I can do this, obviously I don't want to do this if it's not going to be worth the time :)


Thanks in advance!

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