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Tech Support Express Case [176425] - RMA Approved


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I requested and was approved for this RMA yesterday because I was having problems with my XMS21024-6400 CAS5 (2x 1GB) ram sticks. Memtest86+ reported a few errors, and it was local to one stick, but not the other. So after requesting the RMA, I looked around to make sure other people had similar issues with similar hardware, and then I stumbled across RAM GUY's informative sticky on the ASUS P5B-X motherboards (mine is a P5B-E, rev 1.01g). After changing a couple of settings that I found there, I have had no issues with Memtest86+ or with the stability of my overclocked RAM and CPU. Thanks a ton RAM GUY! I no longer need this RMA to be active.
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