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VS1GBKIT400C3 in Abit AT8 - Problems!


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Firstly, I am a complete beginner when it comes to using support forums, so bear with me.


I have a problem with my corsair memory, although I am not certain that its a problem with the actual modules, I think it may be something to do with the settings in the BIOS.


My setup is as follows:


530w PSU

Abit AT8 Motherboard

Corsair 1Gb Ram Kit (VS1GBKIT400C3)

Athlon 64 3000

Ati Radeon X300


I experience blue screens several times a day (bearing in mind I use my computer after 6 when I get home - this is rather annoying)


The causes of the crash are either PFN LIST CORRUPT or IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL. Both point to many different issues (but usually involve RAM)


I can assure you that I have downloaded the latest BIOS and device drivers, but neither have made any difference whatsoever. As a last resort I replaced my system drive and re-installed Windows XP Pro - but to no avail.


So I concluded there but be a hardware problem, I downloaded Memtest and sure enough the RAM was reported faulty a number of times during test 5.

During these tests the RAM was running at 2.7 volts and the timings were set to SPD.


Due to the errors, I started the RMA procedure - when I discovered my RAM can be swapped but must be done via airmail to the US I had to find an alternative. So I ordered the exact same memory kit from ebuyer and replaced accordingly. I figured I can send back the faulty memory resulting in no downtime.


Guess what? The problem STILL remains, I started to suspect my motherboard settings, I cannot understand some of the posts, and are not sure whether or not similar issues (and solutions) are motherboard/cpu dependent....


Please can someone help - I am really struggling.




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Thanks ever much for getting back to me so quickly. I have applied the settings and had both memory kits running on memtest for the past 12 hours. Not one error!!




Could you please try and explain how arrived at those timings? How did you know they work?


I completely understand if you respond with something like "because I am a product guru", but it would be nice to know (providing its not too complicated)



Again, many thanks,





P.S. I wish I posted this prior to buying another memory kit, but I suppose you can never have too much RAM...

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