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EVGA 650i Compatibility


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I am aware of Corsair's quality and user base, but I foolishly recommended a ---- brand product to a friend, the "--" series. In the ----'s forums their thread is locked under that series, and there are a host of compatibility issues with other boards as well. I recommended this ram because it was cheap, and had very good reviews; but now these reviews seem like they are coming from a whole different race of people. My friend is having constant blue screens of deaths, he is running Vista 32bit, and he is trying XP. Also, all indications point to a memory issue with his system(BSOD 0x00000005 and 0x0000C1F5 messages). After the 0x0000C1F5 BSOD, which refuses you to boot Vista, he went to try XP, but I doubt this will fix his memory issue.


I am really desperate and I know Corsair is a reliable company. Any help would be much appreciated.






Please, can you suggest/confirm a Corsair memory product or another that is proven to be 100% compatible with this EVGA motherboard and XP pro 32bit/Vista 32bit?


(Also, I added in the dashes, because I feel that the brand is having a rough go with this line of memory...)

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